Crystal Neilson-Hall - Wedding Photography - Richmond, VA

For me, the love of photography started at a very young age… Five years old to be exact, when I received my very first camera, a hot pink Barbie point and shoot with the old school cube flashes (seen in the picture above). My love grew through grade school leading me to pursue a degree in photography. I graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography from Virginia Commonwealth University School of the Arts in 2006. In the years that followed I shot portraits, weddings, and even spent time teaching high school art. Finally in 2011 I opened Neilson-Hall Photography as it is today.

My true passion is for wedding photography. It is an amazing privilege to photograph one of the biggest days in someone’s life. As a photojournalist I strive to artfully document my couples’ weddings exactly as they unfold, being as unobtrusive as possible. My goal is to give the couple a way to relive their wedding day over and over again.

Kevin Neilson-Hall is my second shooter, husband, best friend, and partner in crime. We met in a photography class at VCU School of the Arts and we’ve been photographing weddings together for many years.

Kevin and I live on a small dairy goat farm in Western Goochland, our other passion. We have two small children.