Making The Most of Your Formal Wedding Picture Time

Formal wedding pictures are the set up photographs of the bride and groom alone and with their family and bridal party. They are an important part of the wedding day, but they are traditionally taken when the guests are enjoying cocktail hour. Most couples want to get them done and get back to their guest as quickly as possible. With this in mind I have composed the following list of things you can do though in order to ensure your picture time runs smoothly…

1. Make up a list of images you want and give it to your photographer – This way the photographer knows exactly what you want and can organize the session so it flows smoothly. The photographer also will be able to tell you based on the number of shots you want, and the size of your groups, about how long the session should last.

2. Let the photographer know when enough is enough – It is very common for the couple’s parents to ask for more and more picture combinations during the formal picture session. I see it more often than not. Most photographers will follow the bride and groom around, getting candids when they are greeting each of their guests at their tables, so it might not be that important that every distant relative is present at the formal picture session. If you don’t want the parents to be able to add a bunch of pictures to the list let the photographer know you only want them to do the combinations you have already decided on. Let the photographer know the limits and they will handle the rest.

3. Make sure everyone you want in the formal pictures know where they need to be and when – You save time if everyone is where they are supposed to be and you don’t have to search for people who are missing.

4. Listen to the photographer – This one really goes without saying but it’s easy to get distracted with all of the excitement.

5. Get some of the formal pictures done before the ceremony – If you take some time during preparations so the bride can take pictures with her bridesmaids and her family, or for the groom to take pictures with his groomsmen and his family you can get those poses out of the way and have less to do after the ceremony.

If you follow these suggestions hopefully you will be able to get to your guest more quickly and begin to enjoy the celebration!