Kendall’s Maternity Portrait Session – Goochland, VA

This was a really special maternity session… for so many reasons. I have known Kendall most of my life. Her mother was my brother and my babysitter when we were really young and her older sister was my best friend growing up. In fact I have a very vivid memory of her mother telling my family that she was pregnant with Kendall. Given that I was only a few years old it is likely one of my first memories. Most of my earliest memories include this family. The Collier’s have always been a very special to me. This alone is enough of a reason to make this session special, but there’s more…

It’s always heartbreaking when two loving, compassionate, wonderful people want to be parents and are unable. Kendall and Wade have been trying to have a baby for years. They are very involved in the lives of their nieces and nephew and truly love children. It seems so unfair that a couple like this should have trouble starting a family of their own. Their path to parenthood has been full of ups, downs, and heartbreaks (you can read their story here). In 2014 Kendall and Wade became a Race to Parenthood couple, a group designed to help fundraise for fertility treatments or adoption, and thankfully towards the end of the year, after an IVF treatment in October, they found out they were pregnant… with twins. A boy and a girl!! I am beyond happy for them. I know both of them are going to make wonderful, loving parents! These are very lucky children. They are joining a family that I know will love them to pieces!

Congratulations Kendall and Wade!! We are beyond happy for you two. I can not wait to meet the two little ones!

Kendall's Maternity Portrait Session - Goochland, VA